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Every keynote and workshop I give has one goal – to disrupt the complacent. To cause a shift that creates conscious engagement. Engagement means interest. Interested people change companies! To get a return on your investment, you must have people who are invested. Many are living in unconscious disengagement. My Keynotes and Workshops are designed to effectively use the space of being in front of your audience to create engagement, to shift thinking, approach, and behavior. Every topic is relevant for personal and professional growth. People want to be inspired, not dazzled. Inspired people influence each other and impact our emotional environment in a forward movement way. The messages I deliver will continue to inspire long after the talk is over.

Audience: Corporate, Non-profit, Associations, Private Events.

Customer Service

Offering exceptional customer service play a significant role in a business that flourishes and one that continues to decline. Whether your business has an online presence or a classic brick-and-mortar store, customers want to feel appreciated.

In comparison with prior years, there has been a noticeably higher workforce turnover since the pandemic. Employee retention is a problem that persists in both customer-facing and non-customer-facing roles. This constant fluctuation impacts employee morale. Whether in a call center or in person, customers expect the same caliber of professionalism from both.

This training covers customer relations and company expectations. Participants will develop techniques that combine their personal goals with exceeding company expectations.

Audience: Customer service, Call center, Wherehouse, Retail.

Building Healthy Partnerships

A customized interactive workshop for professionals focused on transforming approaches and behaviors that limit growth and development. Participants create a value system that is compatible with healthy relationships. This multi-dimensional, DEI-focused workshop will identify and dismantle limiting organizational values, replacing them with healthy practices. The areas examined are those relating to creating a collaborative and inclusive environment. This inclusivity spectrum examines the strengths and challenges of your team, directly focused on recruitment, retention, and overall equitable practices. Replacing policies, procedures, and non-affirming culture within organizations. Ultimately, achieving a shift in perception and approach. Audience: Corporate, Non-profit,Team-building, Training, Quarterly

Social Responsibility - Changing Lives

Organizations show a conscious responsibility to the social landscape and society it serves when it offers employees opportunities be a part of adding value to the underserved, overlooked, and those in need of basic humanity. Each customized project will improve the mental health of your employees and benefit communities.

Customized projects, that are focused on community restoration and mentorship.

Audience: Team building, Leadership, Retreats, Community Engagement, Company Core Values Assessment.

Let’s Unpack Transformative Workshops – Trauma focused

Emotional Bio

Examine the unconscious narrative that governs our daily lives.

Emotional Fitness

Participants examine the fitness spectrum (emotional hoarding, scarcity, etc.) to identify beliefs that obstruct personal growth and development.

Audience: Non-profit, Reentry, Shelters, Private Groups, 1:1, DV groups.


Let’s Unpack - Core Beliefs, Vol. II, The Healing Continues Workbook
Upcoming Workshop Series, beginning January 20
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A workshop series is offered to examine sections of the workbook on a deeper level in a safe environment dedicated to healing.

Customized Workshops:
Private – email for cost
Group – email for cost


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Jan- 20, 27
Feb- 3, 10, and 24 (no 17)
Mar- 2


6-week series
Week 1: Love, Sex, Consent
Week 2: Loyalty, Blame, and Self-worth
Week 3: Emotionally Homeless and Emotional Fitness
Week 4: Self-esteem and Character Disruptors
Week 5: Guilt, Shame, Abuse and Love
Week 6: Shame-based Grieving and Forgiveness

6-week series – $75 per workshop

Let’s Unpack Workbook required
Camera on during virtual sessions
Safe healing environment

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Testimonial: Candice Moore’s 6-week workshop meant so much to me. We really dug into the core issues, not just the actual trauma event, which I feel was necessary for me to begin to heal and move past the things that were blocking me in life, due to the trauma. The workshop was respectfully presented with integrity, which gave me the comfortable setting I needed to allow my subconscious to awaken and begin to address what needed to be healed. Candice has a way of utilizing her Spiritual gifts, personal experience, and training to give us the best experience possible.— Sheila E, Arizona