Let’s Unpack - Core Beliefs, Vol. II, The Healing Continues Workbook
Upcoming Workshop Series, beginning January 20
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A workshop series is offered to examine sections of the workbook on a deeper level in a safe environment dedicated to healing.

Customized Workshops:
Private – email for cost
Group – email for cost


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Jan- 20, 27
Feb- 3, 10, and 24 (no 17)
Mar- 2


6-week series
Week 1: Love, Sex, Consent
Week 2: Loyalty, Blame, and Self-worth
Week 3: Emotionally Homeless and Emotional Fitness
Week 4: Self-esteem and Character Disruptors
Week 5: Guilt, Shame, Abuse and Love
Week 6: Shame-based Grieving and Forgiveness

6-week series – $75 per workshop

Let’s Unpack Workbook required
Camera on during virtual sessions
Safe healing environment

To register, email emerge@moore-grace.com

Testimonial: Candice Moore’s 6-week workshop meant so much to me. We really dug into the core issues, not just the actual trauma event, which I feel was necessary for me to begin to heal and move past the things that were blocking me in life, due to the trauma. The workshop was respectfully presented with integrity, which gave me the comfortable setting I needed to allow my subconscious to awaken and begin to address what needed to be healed. Candice has a way of utilizing her Spiritual gifts, personal experience, and training to give us the best experience possible.— Sheila E, Arizona