Let's Unpack - Core Beliefs, Vol. II, The Healing Continues


A workbook written as a prescriptive memoir that explains how emotional trauma shapes beliefs. Begin dismantling them and building a new foundation.

Let’s Unpack is an autobiographical workbook created to explore the most intimate areas of your emotional past and identify core beliefs that are rooted in trauma. To achieve this, I describe certain aspects of my path, illuminating the beliefs and behaviors of a child and later a woman who thought she was irreparably broken. What is described is the effort to mend those beliefs.

Through activities and questions, you will be asked to identify, release, and replace any broken beliefs. There will be some discomfort. Any time your spirit is being reconfigured, it will feel as if you are being displaced and then meeting parts of yourself previously unexplored…

You won’t be told what to believe. You’ll be confronted by what you find. Be willing to let go of what no longer serves you. Getting free requires effort. Emotional freedom is a journey. This workbook is the beginning.
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This process will introduce you to parts of yourself previously unexplored, like what it means to be emotionally homeless, have emotional dyslexia, how to identify forms of abuse, loyalty and consent, self-esteem, forgiveness, and more. The definition of success now represents emotional, mental, and spiritual health. External accomplishments cannot heal trauma. This process will require internal work, allowing you to become a healthier partner, a stronger leader, a better parent, and a better friend.

Let’s Unpack is a new way to explore areas of yourself not previously examined. Are you living as you desire? Are you emotionally accessible? Are those in your life side-stepping emotional landmines? Do your struggle with emotional hoarding or with emotional anorexia? Have you experienced shame-based grieving? Are you loyal to beliefs and people that retraumatize you? How do these experiences show up in your daily life? Let’s examine your belief system and find out.

With this emotional renovation, you will be able to create a belief system that supports your development.

Order 1 for yourself and gift someone whom you feel would benefit. Step into your healing.