Candice Moore

Candice Moore, the Owner, and Creator of Moore-Grace, LLC is an internationally recognized agent of change. She is a known Transformative Leader, a powerful Motivational Speaker, and a Published Author! For over 20 years, Candice Moore has been transforming lives! She creates opportunities for communities to unite and safe spaces for individual healing from emotional trauma.

Elegant, dynamic, and insightful — Candice is a gifted storyteller. She invites you into her journey of restoration and resiliency. She went from foster homes to living homeless and battling addiction to speaking internationally for audiences around the world on topics such as Emotional Fitness, Unpacking Core Beliefs, and Defining Your Own Worth.

Her values are centered on mentorship, community unification, and servant leadership. She utilizes clarity, compassion, and connection to create avenues for healing and transformation. As a sought-after speaker and workshop leader, Candice provides psychoeducational and experiential modalities for individuals, organizations, and administrations to effectively develop their practices and principles.

My Story

My journey exemplifies defying the odds while overcoming shame and trauma. In order to heal, I had to take action to renew my spirit. This enabled me to walk through emotional narratives and rewrite them. Circumstances did not reduce me; they revealed my strength.

Everything I went through was to equip me with the experience and tools to fulfill that purpose.

Long ago, I realized I had two choices: I could choose to sit in a corner and cry or stand up. I chose to stand. For the last 25 years, I have spoken to audiences, designed workshops, and worked with those who desire to live beyond trauma.

After a wildly successful career in corporate sales, I learned living in someone else’s dream did not fulfill my calling. Helping others does. This resulted in the genesis of Moore-Grace, a company dedicated to healing, restoration, and hope at the soul level. Moore-Grace, LLC provides illumination of the emotional and spiritual abrasions that affect people on an individual, societal, and corporate level. My company works intensively to aid others in healing and becoming a vital space for growth and productivity.