More Grace Calendar 2023

Grace smoothes the rough edges of life and mends the hurts along the way.

Walking this path full of unexpected turns has birthed the More Grace 2023 Calendar.

Originally this calendar was inspired by the reunification with my daughter after 25 years of me gifting other mother and daughter families in her honor.

As we all continue to heal, this calendar continues to be about perseverance, hope, and healing.

More Grace 2023 will offer more soul food and inspiration to fill your spirit.

Past Testimonial:

Today I received the 2022 Serenity calendar.

I loved the 2021 version. It’s beautifully photographed and the spiritual sayings touch My soul….

Trying to pick a favorite month is hard….they are all incredible..

But if I must….October 2022 Compassion

Just what our world needs more of….

Thank you Candice!!!!


Sue F.

Smithville, NJ