Building Healthy Partnerships

A multi-dimensional, DEI-focused workshop will identify and dismantle limiting organizational values, replacing them with healthy practices. Learn to create a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Emotional Fitness Workshop

Transformational. Trauma has a profound effect on both our personal and professional lives, as well as the actions we take.

Corporate Social Responsibility Changes Lives

Organizations show a conscious responsibility to the social landscape and society it serves when it offers employees opportunities be a part of adding value to the underserved, overlooked, and those in need of basic humanity.


Every keynote and workshop I give has one goal – to disrupt the complacent. To cause a shift that creates conscious engagement. Engagement means interest. Interested people change companies! To get a return on your investment, you must have people who are invested. So many people are living in unconscious disengagement. My Keynotes and Workshops are designed to effectively use the space of being in front of your audience to create engagement, to shift thinking, approach and behavior. Every topic is relevant for personal and professional growth. People want to be inspired, not dazzled. Inspired people influence each other and impact our environment in a forward movement way. I bring messages that continue to deliver inspiration long after the talk is over.