Building Healthy Partnerships Workshops

Corporate and Non-Profit

Building Healthy Partnerships Workshop

A customized interactive workshop for professionals focused on transforming approaches and behaviors that limit growth and development. Participants create a value system that is compatible with establishing healthy, lasting relationships.

Team Building & Retention

This multi-dimensional, DEI-focused workshop will identify and dismantle limiting organizational values, replacing them with healthy practices. The areas examined are those relating to creating a collaborative and inclusive environment. This inclusivity spectrum examines the strengths and challenges of your team, directly focused on recruitment, retention, and overall equitable practices. Replacing policies, procedures, and non-affirming culture within organizations. Ultimately, achieving a shift in perception and approach.


“Great content & transparency. Ms. Moore’s workshop and material were very relatable to members of the audience. Strongly recommend this workshop for any place of employment or community-related event.”

Constable Kat Brown
San Antonio, TX


5 Principles of a healthy partnership
Emotional Intelligence Spectrum
Mission Statement