Corporate Social Responsibility – Changes Lives

CSR projects changes the lives of everyone involved, for the better, in ways not imagined at the onset. The joy of helping people and communities who have been overlooked and underserved remains etched in the hearts of everyone involved.

Customizing Your CSR Program

I meet with you to discuss your needs and evaluate the level of engagement that will produce the most benefit. Customized CSR projects reflect your values, mission statement, and brand.  If multiple locations, I visit each one to get a clear picture of your employee demographic. We examine how to best apply the expertise and resources of your company to aide those in need.

Non-Profit Organizations

One of the most common reactions I receive after giving a keynote talk is, “I would never have believed you were once homeless, living on the streets!”  While I am grateful I do not look like my past, I know first-hand the feeling of living without the safety and shelter. That was over 20-years ago. Since then, I have been privileged to serve and establish relationships with various non-profits whose primary purpose is making the load of those in need lighter.

Why CSR is important to your company?

Corporate Social Responsibility produces intimacy. It is an investment into the well being of each other. Teams are made stronger and projects more successful as a result of renewed investment and excitement. Productivity is significantly increased.  Executives and staff who have worked together for years often bond for the first time after working together on CSR projects. CSR projects remove separation and titles.  When it comes to being of service, everyone is equal and all are needed.

Are CSR projects local?

There are always opportunities to serve communities in need on a local level. International CSR opportunities are easily designed, keeping safety first.